Metamorphoses in 'A' Minor

a filmed installation

by Sadia Sadia

UK | AUS | 2009-2011 | 21’00” | 3 channel HD | 5.1 surround audio


excerpt from 'Flight' (chapter 3)

more excerpts


‘Metamorphoses in ‘A’ Minor’ is a film/hybrid art installation, which can be shown in a number of different formats. It can be set across three projections and a multi-channel soundfield, or alternatively screened as a film, either as three short films in its 'Trilogy'' format, or a single twenty-two minute piece.


“This is a work in the tradition of symbolic mysticism, an exploration of the transformative nature of the individual. The work relies heavily on time manipulation, and part of the challenge was to both produce and improvise movement that would be played back at speeds other than the speed at which it was originally filmed. This also provided cinematographic challenges, which were met through the use of digital cameras, including a Phantom high-speed digital camera running at 1500 fps (frames per second) to produce ultra-slow-motion.” says Sadia.


The work takes place over three ‘movements’ or ‘chapters’, 'Formation', 'Emergence' and 'Flight' and features the Australian dancer and choreographer Wakako Asano, a longtime principal dancer with the Sydney Dance Company under the creative direction of Graeme Murphy. It is set to an original neo-classical composition produced in collaboration with the UK composer and sound artist Stephen W. Tayler (Suzanne Vega, Peter Gabriel, Eric Serra, Bob Geldof, Kate Bush), using recorded layers and repetitive themes that build sequentially until an eventual moment of release.


In 2009, Sadia was awarded a Studio 18 artists' residency, for international "contemporary visual artists pursuing an innovative practice in a professional capacity", at Gertrude Contemporary in Melbourne, Australia. This also marked the first public view of her 2009 installation work 'Noise/Ghosts of Noise'.

During this time she worked on her filmed multi-channel installation, which was filmed at the Kennedy Miller Mitchell motion capture soundstage at Sydney Gate in Sydney, Australia, with the support of Gertrude Contemporary and a British Council (Aus) Project Grant.

Photo by Erin Langford © copyright 2009 Sadia Sadia

Produced & Directed by Sadia Sadia • Performer Wakako Asano • Choreography Sadia Sadia & Wakako Asano • Written by Sadia Sadia • Music written & performed by Sadia Sadia & Stephen W Tayler • 1st AD PJ Voeten • Post-Production Supervisor Martin Wood • Cinematographer Tom Gleeson • Lighting Mark Kavanagh • Production Assistant Tim Ridge • Camera Assistant Rupert Brown • Makeup Megan Joy Chassay • Props Colin Gibson • Stills Erin Langford • Mocap Facility Coordination Greg Allen • Edited by Sadia Sadia • Off-Line Editor Andrew Corsi • On-Line Editor Will O’Connell • Colourist Marcus Timpson • Rotoscoping The Lab, Sydney • Sound Design Stephen W Tayler • Stringed Instruments Geoffrey Richardson • Production facilities courtesy of Kennedy, Miller, Mitchell • Post-production facilities provided by The Lab, Sydney • Phantom HD Gold provided by Panavision (Australia) • Special Thanks to Doug Mitchell • Carol Hughes • Annie L Parsons • Alexie Glass • Grainne Brunsdon